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Learn more about Textbooks 2.0

What is Textbooks 2.0?

Textbooks 2.0, also known as K-State’s Open/Alternative Textbook Initiative is a grant program that provides funding to K-State faculty and instructors to develop or adopt digital alternatives to traditional print textbooks. These digital alternatives address affordability, take learning to the next level by providing students with high-quality, faculty-authored materials relevant to their class and provide flexibility by bringing course materials to the palms of student’s hands.

How does Textbooks 2.0 work?

Textbooks 2.0 provides funding of up to $5,000 per course for K-State faculty and instructors to develop digital alternatives to traditional print textbooks. Students then pay a $10 fee for the course instead of purchasing a textbook. This fee goes toward upkeep of the digital content and operation of the program.

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