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Proud Ambassador Toolkit

Thank you for using your social networks to help spread buzz about this year's K-State Proud campaign! In this year of virtual engagement, reaching people online is more vital than ever.


The images below make good graphics to accompany posts. Be sure to add text text to your post to customize and give it context. Right click to save and download these images to your computer.

The set of images below are testimonials that speak to the power and importance of philanthropy through K-State Proud.

Mendoza Lopez Harman Kemp Okerinde


These images below have a little bit more of a focus on fun and marketing, including the link to give and some statistics of the good Proud does.

image 1  image 2  image 3  image 4  image 5

Hype video

This video can be shared on social media in addition to the graphics above. Video is an engaging way to share a lot of information in one post.

Sample post text

You can use the examples below as templates to start with. Be sure to include a graphic for more likes, shares and retweets!

“Join (insert name) in supporting students in financial distress by donating to K-State Proud March 1-5. Go to (insert link) to make a difference for a Wildcat in need!”

"This week, March 1-5, you can make an impact on a student in need by donating to K-State Proud, the university’s largest student-led philanthropy. 100% of your donation funds Student Opportunity Awards, which help Wildcats in emergency financial situations stay in school. Go to proud.twentyfor.org to donate with or without receiving a shirt. Thank you for your generosity!"

"Now more than ever, you can make an impact on a K-State student’s life. Visit K-State Proud’s site proud.twentyfor.org to donate for a shirt, join the effort, and keep a Wildcat on track to graduate."

"In times of need, the K-State Family always steps up. This week, you get the chance to help K-State Proud raise funds for students in financial distress. All proceeds donated at proud.twentyfor.org fund Student Opportunity Awards, which keep Wildcats on campus. As a thank you, you’ll receive a new K-State Proud shirt to show your support. We appreciate you, K-State Family!"

"In 15 years, K-State Proud has helped over 900 students in financial distress stay in school by awarding Student Opportunity Awards. This week, you have a chance to continue a legacy of helping Wildcats in need. Join the effort at proud.twentyfor.org to make a donation that will directly make an impact on a student’s life. Thanks for your support!"

"Have you ever seen a Wildcat with a K-State Proud shirt? K-State Proud works to help students in financial distress by allocating Student Opportunity Awards. This week, now is your chance to make a donation for a shirt, which will provide direct financial support to a K-Stater in need. Go to proud.twentyfor.org to learn more!"

Sample text message

You can use the example below as a template to text friends and family.

Hello (insert name)! This week, K-State Proud, the university’s largest student-led philanthropy is raising funds to help students in financial distress. In 15 years, K-State Proud has kept over 900 students on campus by allocating Student Opportunity Awards. These awards help students pay for unforeseen expenses that would otherwise keep them from finishing their education. 100% of donations this week go directly to Wildcats who need it most. Please visit proud.twentyfor.org to make a donation, which includes an option for a K-State Proud shirt. I appreciate your support!

Tips to make your social media posts pop!

  • Think first about why the audience scans social media and why you click onto a story, photo or link. Social media is first social. Have fun. Stay on message and “K-State appropriate.”
  • Always add a graphic.
  • Keep text brief, hopeful, empowering and upbeat.
  • Twitter character limit is 280, but keep it shorter so the tweet can easily be retweeted. You can also link tweets so they “ladder” or follow one another.

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