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The award-winning, 400-member K-State Marching Band is without a permanent home.

Currently, there is no one location where the band can rehearse, store equipment and prepare for performances. They are scattered across multiple buildings around campus and have to pay rent to use some of the facilities.

Renovating the northwest side of Memorial Stadium would bring the band together in one place, providing them a home that is safe, saves time and saves money.

Support the K-State Band Hall at Memorial Stadium: ksufoundation.org/give/bandhall


Take a tour of the proposed new spaces for the K-State Band Hall

Office spaces for band staff



"Everybody loves a home, and everybody deserves a home. This would be ours. A facility like this would help us recruit and retain band members and staff. We are the only Power Five conference school without a designated home for the marching band. This facility, as we envision it, would be a symbol of respect and pride in our organization from our alumni, K-State staff, donors and community supporters.”
Frank Tracz, director of K-State Bands

Indoor rehearsal area for the band, Classy Cats, color guard and twirlers

Rehearsal area

"Having an indoor space that allows us to have rehearsals would mean never having to guess where we will be for a rehearsal on a rainy day in Kansas. So many times, the directors have to wait until an hour before rehearsal to decide what the best option is for that day and hope we can be in a big enough space for the entire ensemble. Students would know that they have a safe space, no matter the weather, for their instruments, gear and for themselves.”
Allegra Fisher, graduate assistant for K-State Bands

One location for equipment, instruments and uniforms



"Having an indoor space right next to Memorial Stadium would be incredible. I know this would ease a lot of the pressure band staff and band members have in carrying large speakers, field markers, first-aid equipment, drum major stands and instruments back and forth from McCain. Band rehearses three times a week, and if the time spent transporting things was eliminated, we could be so productive and continue to use that time to work hard.”
Ashton Thomas, Classy Cats member

Outdoor rehearsal space on the Memorial Stadium field

Outdoor rehearsal space

"Having indoor and outdoor rehearsal spaces right next to each other would save a lot of time and money. We could spend time working on the music indoors, all together in one place, and then quickly transition outside to work on our marching skills. This would save us the time it takes to walk from McCain to Memorial Stadium.”
Brett Butler, graduate assistant for K-State Bands

You can make adifference!

By investing in the new K-State Marching Band facility, you are making a difference in the lives of music‑loving students across campus.

F. Tracz
Frank Tracz
Director of
K-State Bands
and Professor of 
T. Jueneman
Trevor Jueneman
Director of
College of Arts
and Sciences

G. Dowell
Gordon Dowell
Senior Gift
Planning Officer

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