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ConocoPhillips contributes $278,000 to provide ongoing support to K-State programs

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ConocoPhillips recently donated $278,000 to Kansas State University for the College of Engineering, College of Business Administration and a variety of programs across campus.

The gift will support departments, faculty fellowships and student scholarships, as well as student professional organizations, programs promoting diversity at the university and student personal development such as the Catalyst Self Development Program.

Since 1945, ConocoPhillips and Kansas State University have shared a relationship that has resulted in student scholarships, research funding, faculty support and capital investments in classrooms and laboratories. Ongoing campus engagement between the university and ConocoPhillips leaders is a strong indicator of the company's commitment to developing exceptional students who pursue careers in the energy industry and faculty research in sustainable energy resources.

"K-State's partnership with ConocoPhillips has led to the development of some extraordinary young professionals as well as fantastic resources for K-State students across campus," said Kirk Schulz, university president. "We are deeply grateful to ConocoPhillips for their generous support of our students, faculty and programs, and we look forward to continuing that relationship in the future as we pursue our goal of becoming a Top 50 public research university by 2025."

Philanthropic contributions to the university are coordinated by the Kansas State University Foundation. The foundation staff works with university partners to build lifelong relationships with alumni, friends, faculty, staff and students through involvement and investment in the university.

ConocoPhillips contributes $375,000 to provide ongoing support to K-State programs

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