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Friends of K-State


By enhancing programs across Kansas State University, your gifts bring learning to life and build a foundation for holistic success for all ages. Making a gift to one or more of the following organizations helps provide extraordinary and fulfilling educational experiences for K-State students and lifelong learners within the community.

Friends of the Gardens at Kansas State University  (D25860)

Give to the Friends of the Gardens at here.

The Gardens at Kansas State University are a horticulture display garden, established as an educational resource and learning laboratory for K-State students and the visiting public. Read more.

Friends of K-State Libraries  (C76705)

Give to the Friends of K-State Libraries here.

The K-State Libraries are the educational, cultural and social center of the university community, serving nearly 10,000 visitors daily. While Hale Library is the center of activity at K-State, all of the libraries provide space for people to learn, collaborate with one another and connect with information. Read more.

Friends of Konza Prairie Biological Station  (F28950)

Give to Friends of Konza here

Konza Prairie Biological Station is operated as a field research station by the KSU Division of Biology. The station is dedicated to a three-fold mission of long-term ecological research, education and prairie conservation. Read more.

Friends of the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art  (F25800)

Give to Friends of the Beach here.

Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art furthers the teaching, research, and service missions of Kansas State University by collecting, studying, caring for and presenting the visual art of Kansas and the region. Read more.

Friends of McCain Auditorium  (F17600)

Give to Friends of McCain here

McCain Auditorium is serving the university and surrounding communities by presenting professional live arts programs and engagement activities that connect artists and audiences. Read more.