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Giving to K-State Global Campus


Give to K-State Global Campus here.

The following opportunities for philanthropic investment will help create and sustain success of the K-State Global Campus: 

Funds that benefit K-State Global Campus

K-State Global Campus Fund   C21700
Your support enables K-State to further its land-grant mission and extend its educational resources to adult students worldwide.

Lou Douglas Lecture Series     C22490

The Lou Douglas Lecture Series on Public Issues, founded to honor the memory of Professor Lou Douglas, deals with topics pertaining to human rights, social justice, world peace and international development. The series reaches not only the University community, but also the citizens of Manhattan and the region. The focus is consistent with the intent of the land grant emphasis.

Funds that benefit K-State Distance Education Students 

K-State Global Campus Scholarship   N22234
The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to students properly enrolled in any degree program offered through the Kansas State University Global Campus.

Kenneth and Leah Mae Bever KSU Foundation Family Scholarship   N53980
The purpose of the Fund is to provide financial assistance to undergraduate or graduate students admitted to a distance education degree program offered through K-State Global Campus at Kansas State University.

Maurine Allison O'Bannon Memorial Scholarship     N81590
The purpose of this fund is to perpetuate the memory of Maurine Allison O'Bannon at Kansas State University and to provide financial assistance to students in continuing education.

Sue Maes and Dennis Hemmendinger KSU Foundation Family Scholarship   N77396
The purpose of the Fund is to provide financial assistance to students admitted to a distance education program offered through K-State Global Campus at Kansas State University. 


Reasons to give

Find out more about why K-State Global Campus needs your support and what funding areas are a priority now:

Student scholarships

Your investment in the future of adult degree-seeking students can lead to the transformation of individuals, families and communities. The ground has shifted for many hardworking people. They need to quickly acquire new knowledge, credentials and ways of thinking. For many, distance education is the only way this will happen, and the ability to earn a degree from a fully accredited institution of K-State’s stature can be a dream come true. However, the dream becomes harder to achieve each year. With ever-decreasing support from traditional funding sources for education, scholarship support for students becomes more crucial. We invite you to consider what your helping hand can mean to a hardworking father of two, what impact you could have on the professional prospects of a mom about to re-enter the workforce, and the difference you can make in the transition of veterans into civilian life. Your investment in the life of an adult student could change the future for his or her family for years to come.

Program development

Kansas State University has long been a distance education leader, thanks in large part to our faculty’s commitment to teaching and utilizing technology that focuses on student success. K-State Global Campus works closely with K-State faculty to help them deliver valuable knowledge to distance education students and invests in the development of new distance programs and conferences that help address the current needs of today’s workforce. Your investment in distance program development will enable K-State to further its land-grant mission by extending educational resources to adult students in the region, the nation and worldwide.


You can learn more by exploring K-State Global Campus.

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You can help!

You can become part of the K-State Global Campus' exciting future. We invite you to contact a member of our development staff today and begin the discussion about how you can make a difference.

For more information, please contact:

Melinda SinnMelinda Sinn
Alumni and External Relations Coordinator
K-State Global Campus