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endowed chairs
Endowing excellence

By April Lewis

The value of an endowed chair is immense. Endowed chair holders are able to better use their time and resources to benefit students and create innovative learning environments. It safeguards the funding necessary to keep highly sought-after faculty at K-State and creates a sense of prestige, worth and pride in our university.

Dr. Swinder Janda and Dr. Mary Hale Tolar are two deserving recipients of endowed chair positions at K-State. Through their endowed chairs, Janda and Tolar have been able to use their resources and talents to touch the lives of thousands of students and develop the minds of our future leaders.

Janda, a professor of marketing in the College of Business Administration and the Robert M. Edgerley Chair in International Business, received an endowed chair in 2007. He has used this position to continue conducting research and has led 15 international trips for more than 350 K-State students to Argentina, Chile, China, Belgium, U.K., Germany, Spain and Italy.

While traveling, students get the opportunity to visit several large companies and learn about international business issues while developing a global mindset. Janda’s goal is to prepare students to succeed in the globalized world of business, and his endowed chair has enabled him to do that and more.

Tolar, director of the Mary Lynn and Warren Staley School of Leadership Studies, is the first recipient of the Mary Lynn and Warren Staley Chair for Leadership. The Staleys endowed the position earlier this year in order to ensure strong guidance among the faculty in the Staley School of Leadership Studies.

Tolar uses her endowed chair to enhance the education of students in the Staley School of Leadership Studies and promote excellence among the faculty.

Generous donors like the Edgerley and Staley families provide opportunities to advance K-State toward becoming a top 50 public research university by 2025.

“This endowment allows me, now and in the near term, to seed and launch key initiatives in our 2025 plan. It provides much needed traction. With this, I am better able to respond to the school’s critical needs and emerging opportunities. It is an honor to hold a chair named for two people who are the very models of the leadership we seek to develop in our students and exercise as professionals and citizens.”

- Dr. Mary Hale Tolar, director of the Staley School of Leadership Studies

“The Edgerley chair has been a tremendous asset to me, both in terms of advancing my research and my efforts to disseminate cutting-edge knowledge to my students. It allows me to travel to international conferences where I can further advance my research. Then I am able to put together business visits, cultural events, lodging and transportation in a way that is affordable for students.”

- Dr. Swinder Janda, professor of marketing for the College of Business Administration

How you can help

To learn more about supporting the Staley School of Leadership Studies, contact Damien Williams at 785-532-7510 or damienw@found.ksu.edu.

To learn more about supporting the College of Business Administration, contact Darin Russell at 785-532-7525 or darinr@found.ksu.edu.

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