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What is the K-State Proud student campaign?

K-State Proud is a student-led, nationally recognized fundraising campaign for K-State. Guided by the leadership of Student Foundation, the campaign encourages students to show their K-State pride through philanthropy. All student campaign donations establish Student Opportunity Awards for fellow K-State students. In the first thirteen years of the campaign, students have established a culture of philanthropy by raising more than $1,357,426.19 for their peers who are struggling financially.

Students helping students

The spirit of family runs deep at K-State. The K-State Proud campaign is all about students helping students — about students taking care of the K-State family. By participating in this campaign and by supporting fellow K-Staters, we demonstrate to others that we value K-State not just as our school, but as an important contributor to our future. Help leave your legacy at K-State!



CASE ASAP District 6 Outstanding Student Leader: Maggie Meyer


CASE ASAP District 6 Outstanding Student Advancement Program, Outstanding Advisor: Jenna Harmison 


District 6 Outstanding Tried and True Program: Student Opportunity Awards, Outstanding Student Leader: Carolyn Gatewood 

National Tried and True Champion: Student Opportunity Awards 


CASE ASAP District 6 Outstanding Internal Program, Outstanding Student Leader: Brett Seidl, Outstanding Advisor: Mindy Weixelman 

National Outstanding Student Leader: Brett Seidl 


CASE ASAP National Award for Tried and True 

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