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#KStateStrong Emergency Response Fund


K-State employees experiencing financial hardships because of COVID-19 furloughs may apply for grant funds here.


Many members of the K-State family have asked how they can help with K-State's COVID-19 response. The #KStateStrong Emergency Response Fund will address emerging needs of K-State students, faculty and staff. This fund was created with ultimate flexibility and maximum impact in mind. Contributions will be made immediately available to President Myers so he can bridge any gap in funding that presents itself and strengthen the K-State family during these uncertain times.

There is a lot of work to be done, but we know that K-Staters never shy away from a challenge. With your support, we will stay #KStateStrong.

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Additional funds

In addition to this fund, two other vital funds have been identified for support. They include Cats’ Cupboard: K-State’s Food Pantry and the Emergency Student Scholarship Fund. Both of these funds directly enhance K-State’s ability to serve its student population during this time.

Access a larger list of funds by college or unit here.