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Student Foundation members

2019-2020 Executive Board 

President: Elizabeth Patton

Vice President of Campaigns: Kelly Wilkerson

Vice President of Outreach: Maggie Malmberg

Vice President of Membership: Megan Stoa

Vice President of Communications: Sydney Henry

Vice President of Finance: Blake Medley

Student Opportunity Award Chair: Max Meyer

Secretary: Ashley MacDonald

2019-2020 K-State Proud Co-Chairs

Julia Pechar

Madison Wilkins

Shay Duer

2019-2020 Directors

Director of Corporate Sponsorship: Olivia Pruss

Directors of Selections: Garrett Craig, Jacey Goetz, Rajat Kodira, and Ronaldo Lopez

Director of Professional Development: Lanessa Aurand

Director of Mentorship: Jaiden Ochoa

Directors of Socials: Jansen Penny and Ali Karamali

Director of Technology: Kendra Scott

Director of Social Media: Kirby McCandles

Directors of Student Opportunity Awards: Claire McClellan, Alyson Stewart, Lauren Herbster, and Isaac Sunderland

Director of Student Organizations: Max Harman

Directors of Engagement: Taylor Alley, Ethan Kallenberger, Alex Roth, Luke Prohaska, and Vedant Kulkarni

Director of Donor Analytics: Michelle Anderson

Directors of Early Addition: Scuyler Zenger and Zach Hillbig

Director of Proud Weeks: Baleigh Fry

Director of Events: Leah Brock

Director of Volunteers: Julia Howey

Directors of Volunteer Engagement: Ella Bahr, Leah Wethington, and Lexi Hoskinson




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