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Giving to the Office of Vice Provost of Student Success


Give to the Office of the Vice Provost of Student Success here.

The Office of Vice Provost of Student Success entails: First Scholars, K-State First, Pre-Law Advising, Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry, and University Honors Program.

The following opportunities for philanthropic investment will help create and sustain success in the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry: 

Funds that benefit the K-State First

Student Success Fund C28722
The purpose of this fund is to support activities and projects essential to growth and development of K-State First and its mission of student success. Learn more about K-State First.

Funds that benefit Pre-Law Advising

Pre-Law Excellence Fund F29105
The fund will support the pre-law program at Kansas State University. Examples include but are not limited to: speakers, student and advisor's travel to visit law schools, and materials for LSAT preparation. Learn more about Pre-Law Advising.

Funds that benefit Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry

Developing Scholars Program C22450
The purpose of this fund is to provide awards, books, food and travel for undergraduates in the Developing Scholars program. Learn more about Developing Scholars Program.

Funds that benefit University Honors Program

University Honors Excellence Fund C39450
The purpose of this fund is to support the University Honors Program. Learn more about University Honors Program.

Funds that benefit First Scholars Program

First Scholars Student Assistance and Support N06286
This fund will support the First Scholars Program at Kansas State University through scholarships and administrative purposes. Learn more about First Scholars Program.

Reasons to give

Find out more about why the Office of Vice Provost of Student Success needs your support and what funding areas are a priority now:

Program Development

Philanthropic support for programs helps provide momentum for existing programs and allow the development of new ones. For instance, the Cultural Passport Program helps Kansas State University recruit to the University Honors Program by immersing students in arts and cultural programs on campus. The Pre-Law Program engages students to help prepare them to meet the expectations of a legal career. Philanthropic support of such programs would allow students to continue to receive the programmatic support they need to succeed.

Student Success

Gifts to support students could fund scholarships and fellowships, launch new programs and foster participation in leadership opportunities. K-State First currently serves a little under half of the first-year class, but the goal is to expand the program so the entire incoming class can have access to an engaging and transformative first year of college. Meanwhile, an Honors Enrichment Fund for the University Honors Program would empower students with the ability to launch and sustain research endeavors, which could lead to additional research funding grants. The First Scholars Program helps first-generation students by giving them peer, faculty, alumni and professional mentors to grow leadership and other skills necessary to maximize their success during and after college. Your investment can help advance such key student success initiatives.

Faculty Development

As faculty members mentor, teach and collaborate with students, they prepare students to face challenges and achieve solutions in their future careers. By establishing an endowed directorship or professorship, you empower K-State to recruit and retain high-quality academic leadership for programs such as K-State First and the University Honors Program.

Research Support

Investing in research as early as possible in a student’s career is crucial to being recognized as a top 50 public research university by 2025. The Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry does not yet have an endowed fund dedicated to the support of its mission across the university. Such an endowment would ensure long-term support for undergraduate research and creative inquiry, one of the cornerstones of our future success as a university.


You can learn more by exploring the Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President's website.