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Architecture student shares how scholarship influenced her decision to attend K-State

“Today is about an average day. I was in studio for three hours earlier, and I’ll probably be in here for another five tonight, so eight hours, in all honesty, is very average. I have little time to do other things outside of studio. Time management is stressful.

“I’m from Frederick Maryland. Both of my parents went to K-State for architecture as well, and they have so much pride in K-State. When I told my parents I was leaning toward going to K-State, they were so excited. When I received the Heritage scholarship, it helped influence my decision to officially come here.

“My parents and the fifth years in architecture always talk about how it all pays off in the long run to see all the projects you accomplish, but it’s hard to see that right now when you’re spending all this time in studio.”

Rainie Madsen is a freshman pursuing a major in Architecture from Frederick, MD.

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