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Shirley Martin in library

Robert Martin honors his wife's legacy

“Familiar with Kansas State University through a family friend, entomology Professor Dr. Roger C. Smith, we enrolled in the fall of 1957.  In spite of Kansas temperatures, chiggers, redbud tree pollen allergies, and the low stipend of $1400 per year each, and inadequate graduate student housing (with rats in the kitchen, brown recluse spiders in the closets, and drunken neighbors sharing the toilet facilities), we found an attentive faculty who valued and rewarded intellectual brilliance.  Shirley had the highest grade in every course she took.

Retiring as Librarian Emerita after her 30 years as reference librarian at the University of Maine at Farmington, she was appreciated by faculty and students alike as a unique source of information. Through most of her life she read at least five books daily and remembered every word read.  

Our two years at KSU were intellectually rewarding for both of us, and I hope that the Shirley A. Martin Scholarship will assist in helping to support graduate students in history, especially women.

The purpose of the gift of this scholarship is to honor the 65 years of marriage I had the privilege of being with her.”

Dr. Robert L. Martin created the Shirley A. Martin Scholarship for graduate students in the Department of History in the College of Arts and Sciences as a way to honor his wife’s legacy.
Ms. Shirley Martin graduated from K-State in 1959 with a master’s in history. Dr. Robert Martin graduated from K-State in 1959 with a master’s in biology/wildlife conservation. Both were originally from the northeast and made their home in New Sharon, Maine. 
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