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Maddie Rues

Social work student Maddie Rues channeled her passion into her major

"I’ve always felt drawn to helping people. Once I started learning more about political issues throughout high school, I began realizing the need for someone to speak up for others. I was not initially drawn to the social work program, but once I made the switch, I fell in love with it. It was just a beautiful coincidence.

"Its pretty much the life blood of my major and everything I do in school to use my drive and passion to help others. So when I’m in class and I’m doing mundane, tedious work, I know that in my heart the goal is to one day help women everywhere.

"There was one scholarship I received that was very significant to me —the Leadership Scholarship. Scholarships are kind of like an incentive and also sort of a pat-on-the-back for working hard. You want to work hard in general because it’s good to do, but also because you’re like ‘okay, college is a little hard financially.’  So it was helpful to do things in high school like volunteering for the purpose of scholarships and because it also helped me unearth my passion to help others."

Maddie Rues is a sophomore pursuing a major in social work from Topeka, KS.

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