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SwoyerNew opportunities reached at student radio station with help of scholarships 

“The glaring truth about earning a college education is that it’s getting ever more expensive,” said Dylan Swoyer, senior in civil engineering. “Many people work hard and still are not even close to earning enough to pay for their college education. Scholarships — like the Wabash Cannonball Scholarship — allow many people to realize their dreams when otherwise they wouldn't be possible.

“I’m a huge introvert, so KSDB, Manhattan’s student radio station, gave me an outlet to get my voice heard. As I became more comfortable with the environment it only magnified my passion for music; my desire to learn about music grew exponentially. Now, I'm the music director at KSDB. My job is to listen to music that is sent to us each week and decide what goes on the air. I also seek out other music that we aren't sent from promoters or labels.

“I also put a lot of time and energy into learning about the local music scenes in Manhattan, Lawrence, Kansas City and Wichita.  Forming relationships with people in those respective scenes is important and helps to bring them into our studios or city for in-studio sessions or live shows.

“I was lucky enough to have KSDB executive staff reach out to me. They saw that I might be someone they’d like to have stick around as long as I’m here. Scholarships like the Wabash Cannonball Scholarship were incredibly beneficial toward me staying on top of my finances and my ability to take on these learning opportunities at K-State.”

Dylan Swoyer is a senior pursuing a major in civil engineering from Shawnee, KS.


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