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K-State opportunities continue through alumni generosity

By Hayli Morrison

A $50 Sears scholarship helped Ruth Terrill achieve her dream of attending Kansas State University in 1945 — and instilled a desire to help others achieve that same dream.

“As far as I know, I was the only girl from my high school graduating class who earned a college degree, and I was the first of my family to be able to do so. It was an opportunity that really changed my life,” said Terrill, who recently established scholarships at K-State through a bequest in her trust fund.

Terrill’s college experience led to a degree in home economics education and meeting her husband, Norman, an agricultural education student at K-State. Norman was attending college on the G.I. Bill after serving two years in the Army during World War II, while Ruth had also spent two wartime years working in defense factories.

The two newly established K-State scholarships, named in honor of Ruth and her late husband, will help students in the College of Human Ecology and College of Agriculture.

“I hope to give a little boost to students who might not have the opportunity to go to college, at least in getting started,” said the Lebanon, Kansas native.

Sustainable agriculture is of particular interest to Ruth Terrill and her four children, and she hopes the scholarship recipients use their knowledge and training to benefit that area, as well as general family well-being. 

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