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A legacy lives on through K-State scholarship fund

By Hayli Morrison

The career of Dr. Charles Fulhage was spent making sure the earth’s resources were used efficiently and responsibly. When Dr. Charles Fulhage’s life tragically ended in a vehicle accident caused by an intoxicated driver in 2008, it quickly became clear what an impression he left on his community, friends and colleagues.

In his work as an extension state specialist and a professor for the University of Missouri, he was known as a consummate professional, calm and confident. With a unique sense of humor and personable nature, he was able to build solid relationships with farmers, fellow professionals and government regulators across the U.S. Among friends, he was known as a loving father to his son Eric and husband of 29 years to wife Jane. He was a farmer, pilot, avid reader and a mentor and coach for youth in his community.

“It was always important to him that things were done well and done right,” said his wife, Jane. She recalled his “unique gift” for explaining difficult concepts in a straightforward manner that earned him respect in his field.

Because education was so important to Fulhage, his family ensured his legend lived on at his alma mater, Kansas State University, in the form of scholarships for biological systems engineering students.

As a tribute to Fulhage’s southeast Kansas heritage, his love of education and his appreciation for K-State, the Fulhage family hopes to empower the next generation of professionals to follow in his footsteps.

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