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Scholarship will help students in time of need

By Hayli Morrison

Kansas State University is a family tradition for Patricia Haines and her two sons. A retired high-tech business operations manager, Haines is a 1976 graduate of K-State’s College of Education, while her two sons, John and Justin Anderson, each later earned degrees in horticulture and electrical engineering. Now, she will help others join the K-State family through a student scholarship. The Patricia M. Haines Scholarship will support students across K-State campuses who have demonstrated financial need.

Patricia and her husband Ralph, of Evergreen, Colorado, often meet their family on campus for K-State athletic events. Both recipients of scholarships themselves during their own college years, they look forward to helping others at a university they admire.

“We needed and truly appreciate those scholarships we received,” Haines said. “Since we can now afford to contribute, we do. I hope to help students have the good fortune that I have had — finish school, land in a rewarding career, and be a happy and resourceful member of society.”

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