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Making special memories possible at K-State

By Marisa Larson

Camping out for basketball tickets, going on 1 a.m. donut runs to Vern’s and concerts at Ahearn are just a few of the fond memories Dave and Lisa Rock have of their time at K-State. The Rocks have established a scholarship in hopes that it will help students make their own special memories at K-State.

The David and Lisa Rock Agriculture Scholarship will be awarded to undergraduate students in the College of Agriculture. “Our hope is that the receiving students will have reduced financial need and stress and an increased ability to focus on studies and education,” Dave said.

“I worked in financial aid as a student employee and saw firsthand the benefits scholarships provide students,” Lisa said.

“We believe in the personal and societal benefits and potential created by an education in agricultural studies,” Dave said. “Scholarships and grants were a significant enabler for us to obtain a college education. This is one way we can give back and help current and future students by sharing a bit of the benefits we have received from an education at K-State.”

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