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The Chilcoats

Brad Chilcoat (left) and his partner, Richard Walker, at Stonehenge.

Following advice to give back aids students

By Marisa Larson

While a student at K-State studying history and labor relations, Brad Chilcoat received some advice that he has followed. A professor told Chilcoat’s class that if they really cared about K-State, once they were out in the world and successful, they should give back to K-State.

Chilcoat, who now lives in San Francisco, has created the Department of History Undergraduate Student Research Award. This award will go to upperclass students working on a research project, using K-State Libraries resources.

“I wanted people to be more cognizant of the resources the library has and to utilize them,” Chilcoat said. “I like the fact that supporting undergraduate research ties into the 2025 initiative.”

In this era of decreased public funding for education, Chilcoat sees this as his chance to give back. “Many of the tools I use that have helped me be successful in my career are tools I initially learned at K-State, especially the abilities to think critically and write,” he said.

Chilcoat says that by establishing this fund, he feels he’s contributing to the success of K-State and the students. He encourages others to give to the fund, supporting K-State students and the university.

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