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When the KSU Foundation invests, separate funds are commingled and invested in a pooled investment fund.


For the long term

The majority of funds invested by the KSU Foundation are permanent endowments, held in a pooled investment fund called the long-term investment pool. This pool is a diversified fund of global equities designed to ensure that future growth is sufficient to offset normal inflation plus reasonable spending. This approach preserves the purchasing power of the fund for future generations.

Long-term investment pool policy benchmark

established July 1, 2022

Expendable funds pool

This investment pool is essentially the university's "checking account" for non-state funds held by university departments and programs. The return at any time of the entire principal amount is guaranteed by the foundation. The principal is invested in liquid investments and any income earned on the investments is retained by the foundation to cover the expense of administering the accounts.

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Paul Chai

Paul Chai, CFA, CAIA Associate Vice President of Investment/CIO


dylan zheng

Dylan Zheng Investment Analyst


matt smagacz

Matt Smagacz, CFA, FRM Director of Investments


Janessa Nelsen

Janessa Nelsen Investment Operations Specialist