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Latest Global impact

ADM donates $1 million to agricultural innovation at Kansas State University

ADM pledges $1 million to K-State’s Global Center for Grain and Food Innovation as part of the Agriculture Innovation Initiative.

Building resilience in Madagascar

Discover how collaborative research efforts are combating climate change impacts in Madagascar, safeguarding biodiversity and ensuring food security.

From flush to fortune

K-State’s civil engineering researchers tackle wastewater challenges, advancing sustainability for a cleaner future.


Buzzworthy invention

K-State assistant professor Brian Spiesman has created a revolutionary resource for bee identification and conservation through artificial intelligence model tracking and image rendering. When you think of your favorite things, — your family, hobbies, favorite movies — your endorphins go into overdrive. Now imagine […]

Dr. Vaishali Sharda

All-around solution

A new natural crop spray shows promise for both farmers and the environment. Farmers face many battles to produce a healthy and profitable crop — insects, diseases, proper amounts of water and nutrients — and the list goes on and on. Scientists at K-State, […]

Kansas Soybean Commission

Kansas Soybean Commission donates $4 million for Kansas State University’s new agriculture facilities

Two new innovation centers will focus on development and diversification of Kansas and the world’s food and agricultural economy

kansas farm bureau

Kansas Farm Bureau donates $5 million for K-State’s new agriculture buildings project 

Kansas Farm Bureau has pledged the largest donation in the organization’s history: $5 million over five years to support the Kansas State University College of Agriculture’s innovation centers for grain, food, animal and agronomy research.

K-State Agriculture Cows

Less gas, more money

K-State scientists look to reduce cattle’s methane production through genetic selection, creating a long-term benefit for the environment and cattle producers.

K-State Entomology

Bugs to the rescue!

K-State students’ winning idea casts insects as the heroes in tackling two big global issues – pollution and food security.

Katie Sleichter - Truman Scholar

On top of the world

K-State’s newest Truman Scholar sets her sights on world issues

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