Our donors care about Kansas. They invest in outreach programs and initiatives that help fulfill K-State’s land-grant mission. At the KSU Foundation, we maximize these gifts to create change — strengthening the Kansas economy, advancing collaborative partnerships and improving lives.

Latest Community impact

Healing horses, learning vets

Discover Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue —a sanctuary offering second chances for rescued horses and training for future caretakers.

Paws for a cause

K-State’s Vet Health Center offers free eye exams for service dogs, ensuring clear vision. Show appreciation with a blink.


Sprouting local

Craving fresher, healthier food and a stronger community? K-State’s Local Food Systems program offers support, creating jobs and expanding local food access.”

Saving streambanks

K-State’s forestry research team partners with local Native American tribes to stop soil erosion The picturesque plains and sprawling farmlands of Kansas face a noteworthy environmental challenge — streambank stabilization. Urban development and the expansion of crop fields alter watersheds, often leading to unstable […]


Buzzworthy invention

K-State assistant professor Brian Spiesman has created a revolutionary resource for bee identification and conservation through artificial intelligence model tracking and image rendering. When you think of your favorite things, — your family, hobbies, favorite movies — your endorphins go into overdrive. Now imagine […]

Dr. Vaishali Sharda

All-around solution

A new natural crop spray shows promise for both farmers and the environment. Farmers face many battles to produce a healthy and profitable crop — insects, diseases, proper amounts of water and nutrients — and the list goes on and on. Scientists at K-State, […]

K-State Agriculture Cows

Less gas, more money

K-State scientists look to reduce cattle’s methane production through genetic selection, creating a long-term benefit for the environment and cattle producers.

From the ground up

From the ground up

Philanthropy empowers soil research – and the next generation of farmers and scientists.

K-State graduate students

Caring for students raising families

K-State alumni fund child care scholarships for graduate students.

dan rentie

When a parent loses a job

K-State Proud helped keep Dan Rentie in school when his mom lost her job.

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