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What starts at K-State changes the world. Whether you’re supporting students or advancing a cause you’re passionate about, you can make a difference through K-State.

Each year thousands of K-State alumni and friends make charitable contributions to move K-State — and our world — forward.

The choice is yours

Browse opportunities that benefit K-State’s academic colleges, problem-solving initiatives, student success and programs that change lives in Kansas and beyond.

Giving changes everything

Here are just a few stories of how K-Staters are creating opportunities for students, inspiring innovation and more.

From friends to family

Choosing to attend K-State because of her love for the band, Kylee Gardner finds a family in her fellow band members

Honoring Pat Bosco the best way possible

A generous donor has created 30 scholarship match opportunities to honor the man who has impacted so many K-Staters.

Research for a better tomorrow

Dr. Meng Zhang works to invent ways to reduce the world’s dependency on environmentally destructive fossil resources, support agriculture and forestry and strengthen advanced manufacturing for rural communities.

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