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Traditional college textbooks are expensive and quickly become out of date. Since 2013, K-State’s Open Alternative Textbook Initiative has saved students more than $6.8 million. How? By funding development of high-quality digital textbooks that are accessed by laptop, tablet and phone. It’s what we call Textbooks 2.0 and keeps costs down for K-State students. 

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Open Alternative Textbook Initiative

Textbook costs have risen three times the rate of inflation, creating a financial burden for students. But with K-State’s Open Alternative Textbook Initiative, students pay only $10 per class to access their course materials online. Not only do students save money, but they receive immediate access to customized content for their classes.

Your gift to K-State’s Open Alternative Textbooks Initiative ensures students have resources they need to succeed.

How Textbooks 2.0 revolutionizes learning

Textbook costs have risen three times the rate of inflation, and the average student spends more than $1,000 on traditional textbooks each year. For a lot of students, a few hundred dollars is the difference between making ends meet or not.

Besides saving students money they can use on rent or food, Textbooks 2.0 are:

  • Available online so students can watch and re-watch videos, lectures and class discussions — an incredible asset especially in highly technical math, engineering and science courses.
  • Easily updated so materials reflect the latest advances in research and culture.
  • Helpful for students with varied learning styles.

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Saving students money through alternative textbooks

K-State, K-State Libraries and the KSU Foundation worked together to alleviate the cost of student resources by creating the Open/Alternative Textbook Initiative.

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