K-State Family Scholarship Program

Claim your place in the family tree of scholarships — and help generations of students get their start at K-State — by taking advantage of a scholarship match. More than 300 new matching-gift scholarships have launched in less than five years. 

K-State Family Scholarship Program

Double your power

A match means more. For example, when you give $32,000 to a family scholarship, the Vanier family will match it for a total of $64,000.

Family takes care of family

State support for higher ed shrinks. College costs rise. Is it any wonder that K-Staters need scholarships more than ever?

But the K-State family takes care of its own. Lead donors have given seed money for your family to maximize its impact on students.

Past matches include:

  • Mary Vanier Family Match (universitywide)
  • Vanier Family Match (universitywide)
  • Ice Family Match (engineering and health and human sciences)
  • Herbel Family Match (business)
  • Kruse Family Match (agriculture)
  • Bosco Family Match (universitywide)
  • Gilliland Family Match (business)

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How the match works

Watch your gift multiply

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New matching-gift scholarships since 2019

Honoring Pat Bosco the best way possible

A generous donor has created 30 scholarship match opportunities to honor the man who has impacted so many K-Staters.

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