All In for K-State

Every March ushers in a wave of fresh opportunities and a buzz of excitement for K-Staters to band together, turning dreams into concrete change during the All In for K-State campaign.

Under construction all in for k-state

One day, one cause

The past five years, All In for K-State has tackled a vital cause — from food insecurity to mental health. This big effort, which attracts enthusiastic donors from all 50 states, has raised over $600,000 in a single day.


Like a lot of cities in the summer — and Manhattan at the moment! — All In is currently under construction.

Construction means progress, and we consider the changes to our giving day to be similarly transformative as we work to align with the goals outlined in the Next Generation Strategic plan.

Over the last five years, donors to All In like you have played a crucial role in advancing programs such as Cats’ Cupboard, Financial Futures, Mental Health Services, and Textbooks 2.0. These initiatives have had a profound effect on the K-State community, touching the lives of students and contributing to their overall well-being and success.

As we celebrate the achievements of the past five years, we are also keenly focused on the future and the continued impact these programs can have. The All In Campaign has been instrumental in fostering a culture of giving and philanthropy, and we couldn’t have done it without you! We invite you to join us once again.

Extending the impact

Although it’s known as a giving day, All In’s impact stretches far beyond 24 hours. With the K-State community behind us, we’ve taken big projects from start to flourish:

  • Increasing access to and reducing stigma of mental health services. From a new app that delivers 24/7 teletherapy to suicide prevention training, All In donations from last year’s cause are already hard at work.
  • The digital textbooks initiative, which replaces traditional books with online materials and rich multimedia, has saved students more than $5 million in textbook fees.
  • And the Cats’ Cupboard food pantry — K-State’s first All In project — has blossomed. It now includes full-time staff, partnerships with grocery stores, and a slate of nutritious cooking classes at Lafene Health Center.

Stories from last year’s campaign

All In for K-State

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