All In for K-State

How much good can be squeezed into 24 hours? We’re finding out. Our All In for K-State giving day brings people together to improve the lives of K-Staters.

One day, one cause

Each year All In tackles a vital cause — from food insecurity to mental health. This big effort, which attracts enthusiastic donors from all 50 states, has raised $600,000+ in a single day.


What if we dreamed a little bigger?

All In asks that question year after year. As a catalyst for addressing students’ essential needs, All In has been kick-starting great causes since 2019.

All In zeroes in on finding solutions. It pinpoints specific problems where an influx of money will make a huge stride toward fixing them.

How do we find the next fundable project? Campus groups pitch their most forward-looking ideas every spring. A panel of judges picks the project with the greatest potential to help students succeed.

All In for K-State 2023

This year we are going All In for Financial Futures by bringing financial education to every new K-State student. This year’s project will:

  • Weave financial literacy into K-State’s first-year academic program and a new zero-credit course
  • Expand Powercat Financial’s peer-to-peer counseling
  • Train student financial specialists living in campus and organized housing to point students toward financial well-being resources
  • And more

Stories from this year’s campaign

All In for K-State

Building bright financial futures

This year’s All In for K-State will advance student success through financial wellness. Impulse buys. Bigger than necessary student loans. A monthly budget … what’s that?

Dollars and sense

Financial education helped K-State graduate Toni Owens reach her financial and educational goals.

Extending the impact

Although it’s known as a giving day, All In’s impact stretches far beyond 24 hours. With the K-State community behind us, we’ve taken big projects from start to flourish:

  • Increasing access to and reducing stigma of mental health services. From a new app that delivers 24/7 teletherapy to suicide prevention training, All In donations from last year’s cause are already hard at work.
  • The digital textbooks initiative, which replaces traditional books with online materials and rich multimedia, has saved students more than $5 million in textbook fees.
  • And the Cats’ Cupboard food pantry — K-State’s first All In project — has blossomed. It now includes full-time staff, partnerships with grocery stores, and a slate of nutritious cooking classes at Lafene Health Center.

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