From designing energy-efficient homes to caring for homeless pets to advancing agricultural research — all these topics and more are featured in this issue of Good for K-State magazine.

As the flagship publication of the KSU Foundation, Good for K-State magazine tells the story of your philanthropic dollars at work. Scroll down to find out how you’ve made a difference for K-State!

Latest Good for K-State

Scenes from an outdated classroom that's a part of the Flip this classroom initiative.

The ghost in the radiator

Help Flip This Classroom: fund $7M for updates to 67 vital K-State classrooms, advancing education and supporting student and faculty recruitment.

A big step up

Thanks to a lead gift from Ward and Brenda Morgan and other generous donors the K-State marching band now has a new home.

A student shops for fresh produce at Cats' Cupboard

Serving up hope

Explore the impactful transformation of K-State’s Cats’ Cupboard, addressing food insecurity for students, faculty, and staff.

KSU Foundation trustees

Tic-tac-toe for dough

KSU Foundation trustees surprise Kansas State University students with substantial scholarships at basketball games.

Mia Wells

More like Mia Wells

Empower future Wildcats like Mia Wells through scholarships. Our match program makes K-State education attainable, turning dreams into reality.


What if more women worked in aerospace?

Find out how philanthropy is supporting Kansas State University women striving to work in the aerospace industry.

net positive studio

Living net-positively

Discover Yackelyn’s life in a K-State Net Positive Studio home in Ogden, KS. See how these expertly designed houses make an impact.

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