What if wellness programs reached Kansans everywhere?

K-State is ready to hit the road.

College road trips are loaded with memories. But what if they were loaded with learning and improving the health and wellness of Kansans from Liberal to Overland Park?

Improving lives at every stop

The College of Health and Human Sciences is raising funds for a mobile classroom and clinic to take K-State expertise straight to the people they serve.

Who benefits most?

The mobile program would be a win-win for all:

• Students would get hands-on experience, putting classroom concepts into practice.

• People in underserved communities — rural and urban — would access wellness programs that are unavailable where they live.

• Faculty and students would acquire data that advances their research.

• Professionals who live in the visited communities could gain access to professional development training locally.

“The two most impactful activities an undergraduate student can be involved in are research and applied learning,” said Brad Behnke, interim Betty L. Tointon dean for the College of Health and Human Sciences. “With this mobile classroom, students will get out to the communities, meet people where they live, and put into practice what they’ve learned in class while simultaneously giving back to and supporting the communities we serve as a land-grant institution.”

The college’s mobile lab would mirror the community outreach program of the College of Veterinary Medicine’s Wellness on Wheels but for humans. Behnke hopes that once the College of Health and Human Sciences has a mobile lab, they can coordinate with WOW to bring care for animals and humans to communities across the region. 

The Pitch

Get on the bus! What K-State’s vet med community outreach programs do for animals we could also do for people.

College of Health and Human Sciences programs span all aspects of human well-being — from healthcare to nutrition to family counseling. With a mobile unit — and donor support to fast-track the project — K-State could deliver vital services to communities in need while serving up an exceptional applied learning experience for students.

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