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Where industry, research and talent come together to create meaningful and real outcomes to K-State, Kansas and beyond.

A fresh academic year brings signs of change around Kansas State University’s campuses including progress on the new Edge Collaboration District at K-State along the Manhattan, Kansas, campus’ north edge. More than purple obelisk signs, limestone gateways and a fresh entry to the football stadium, the Edge District is where industry, research and talent come together to create meaningful innovations and real outcomes to K-State, Kansas and beyond.  

How is the Edge Collaboration District adding to K-State?

Drive around the northern Edge of campus and you’ll see the area is transforming from a handful of related entities to one unified brand supporting K-State’s land-grant mission. You’ll see more purple, more welcoming, cohesive design and wayfinding elements, and landscaping that softens the boundary of campus with the community beyond the Edge District.

It also means more opportunity for students and faculty to advance their knowledge and professional experience when collaborating with the growing number of Edge District industry and corporate partners. Six academic colleges have already established partnerships and a presence in the district and more are finding innovative ways to come to the Edge.

What does it mean for industry partners?

K-State’s excellent reputation of high-level cooperation with industry, corporations, foundations and other partners creates opportunity for K-State students and faculty. These partnerships transform industry by connecting the university’s flourishing academic and research expertise to the ideas and challenges faced by corporate interests in real time. Industry’s competitive edge is sharpened by joining forces with K-State’s research, innovation and talent in the growing Edge District.

Joining the Edge District puts companies in the center of an active, existing collaboration district with over a dozen domestic and international partners like Garmin, Topcon Agriculture, McCownGordon Construction, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Fulcrum Global Capital and Stormont Vail Health.

Partner-tenants strengthen their competitive edge when creating satellite offices or moving their operations into the Edge District. Companies interested in benefiting from state-of-the-art facilities and communications services, $2 billion in current and planned infrastructure and the opportunity to tap into the established talent pipeline that is Kansas State University, are invited to learn more about locating in the Edge District.  

What does it mean for the community, the region and Kansas?

With the collaborative development already at work in the Edge Collaboration District at K-State, comes an anticipated 5,000-plus jobs by 2035. Since 2010, 1,350 new jobs have been added in the district. These new jobs not only benefit the Manhattan community, they benefit the many across the region.

Solid job growth is imperative for the State of Kansas and the economic prosperity of all Kansans.

Dream big and discover what is next

The Edge Collaboration District at K-State is more than a location, though the proximity to K-State’s Manhattan campus is key to the success of both the university’s land-grant mission and the partner-tenants’ interests. Leaders in research, global food systems, commerce and more are invited to join their inspiration with K-State’s research and academic expertise and address the issues of today and the future.

Learn more about the Edge Collaboration District at K-State by visiting ksiteonline.com/edge and this update from the Greater Manhattan Economic Partnership. Connect with Sherilyn McRell, operations manager, at 785-775-2009 and sherilynm@ksufoundation.org to begin sharpening your company’s competitive edge at K-State.

  • View of Bill Snyder Stadium and Edge Collaboration District Pillar

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