At K-State, the brightest minds are taking on the world’s biggest challenges through innovative research and collabortive partnerships. With your investment, we can provide solutions that matter.

Latest Global impact

A stronger, healthier, more modern K-State

On the occasion of his retirement, we look back at how President Richard Myers’ leadership changed K-State for the better.

Balancing act

Academic career, family life or both? While the personal aspect of this choice can be daunting, it’s often the financial aspect that causes students the most stress. Enter K-State’s Global Campus scholarship, which alleviates the financial burden many online students feel when furthering their education.

Climate solutions

K-State soil scientist and Nobel Laureate pursues ways to improve and protect the environment.

Honoring a legend

Students, alumni, agricultural leaders and politicians honor Dr. Barry Flinchbaugh for his global impact on ag policy.

Go to the Edge

Thanks to speculative real estate development by the KSU Foundation, the Edge Collaboration District at K-State is creating meaningful outcomes for K-State, Kansas and beyond.

Safe and secure

K-State’s Security Studies program aims to become a landmark program in the security studies field.

Fueled by passion

Food science student learns the tools to take on the world

The next hunger solution

Feeding the world in an ever-changing climate requires innovation and global cooperation. Kansas State University is leading the world in global food security with four Feed the Future Innovation Labs.

A foundation for success

With a strong start at K-State, Luis J. Montaner pushes boundaries in scientific research

Feed the future: in our backyard

K-State’s Feed the Future labs look to solve the problems in the agriculture field.

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