BIAH Auditorium

The Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Auditorium has become the heart of K-State’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Affectionately known as the BI auditorium, the space is used not only to educate and shape future animal health professionals but also as a collective home for social, industry and alumni gatherings. From hosting countless research days and recruitment events to a celebration of life for a beloved faculty member, the BIAH auditorium is an integral part of college life.

We are grateful for our partnership with BIAH as we work together to advance veterinary medicine, food safety, public health and protecting the environment.

2023 Impact

This space was used for


core and elective courses

The BI Auditorium hosted


events, special programs, student clubs, continuing education, seminars/workshops, conferences, student/faculty/staff/community meetings

This space was used by


people, including 1,300 college individuals and 4,400 veterinarians, incoming students, family members, speakers, conference attendees, alumni, Vet Town attendees, university affiliates, and more.

BIAH Auditorium

The BIAH auditorium is the largest available space for collective college and also the home for all the lectures of the third-year class daily.  Most prominently, the atrium area has become what I refer to as the “lifeblood” of the College, an essential space for social and alumni events. Today it is an indispensable asset for communication and social interactions among a faculty and student body who are more focused than ever on well-being maintenance and community.”

Dr. Jim Roush, Associate Dean of Academic Programs and Student Success

The BI Atrium and Auditorium is the front door of the college. Because of its size and accessibility, we can now host meetings and events for the KVMA, KBVE, and non-profit, animal-related organizations. The BI-branded footprints into the auditorium are enjoyed by students and visitors. During in-person interviews this January, the quality and utility of the space markedly enhanced our recruitment efforts. Simply put, this space has changed our lives!”

Bonnie Rush, DVM, MS DACVIM Hodes Family Dean