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Invest in people who soar — in the skies, in business and in technology fields.

aviation students standing in front of an airplane

The future of aerospace and technology

Learning by doing. We are the place where the real world and the classroom collide. Our students spend time doing, as well as learning. They graduate ready to take on the world.

Soaring high

Thrilling flights. Panoramic views. Adventurous opportunities. The life of a professional pilot is full of exhilarating moments.

With more Master Certified Aviation Instructors than any other college or university in the nation, a premium fleet of 35 aircraft and flight training devices, and a large regional airport steps away from the classroom, our students’ education and experience will far outreach the highest expectations.

K-State Salina

From digital media to social work to all aspects of the aviation industry, our students gain real-world experience in every major. Investment from donors provides the resources our students need to learn by doing, gain access to the latest technology and have opportunities to explore career-enhancing activities.

You can make a difference by investing in:

  • Facilities and technology necessary to provide students the tools and opportunities to advance their education
  • Faculty scholars who train the next generation of industry leaders and model effective practices
  • Scholarship support to keep these vital fields accessible to people from all backgrounds
  • Student learning, field experiences, support programs and career advising that make our grads the best they can be

Taking flight

K-State Salina Aerospace and Technology Campus is working to recruit and retain women for the aviation industry.

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