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K-State Polytechnic Pilot’s program provides a key to success

The Kansas State University Polytechnic campus in Salina, Kansas, has many great programs. However, no program is as sought after as the Professional Pilot program. This program offers students the opportunity to pursue their aviation dreams. There is a passion for the skies, and students line up to pursue it. “The Professional Pilot program started in the mid-eighties, and it has grown from just a few students to close to 250 students,” said Bill Gross, chief flight instructor.

The Professional Pilot program provides students with all the necessary components to achieve their aviation goals. “Students have the opportunity to earn all of their flight ratings; those being, private, instrument, commercial, multi-engine and flight instructor ratings,” Gross said.

While obtaining their flight ratings, students will also work toward a bachelor’s degree in aviation. “Our program has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration because we are a college degree program,” Gross said. “This allows us to reduce the students’ flight time from 1,500 hours to 1,000 hours and allows the students who want to go to the airlines to save time on their flight hours. By providing all the flight training as well, students are also able to earn a bachelor’s degree in aviation. This makes them employable in other areas of the field than just pilot.”

The most important question that students may have is ‘How much does the pilots program cost?’ “The total cost of the pilot’s program is $45,000 along with tuition and fees. “I would highly encourage our students to obtain a scholarship for the program, as it is vital in ensuring they continue their progress in a timely manner,” Gross said. There are many scholarships available to students pursuing their pilot’s license.

“I am super grateful for this scholarship,” said Nahuel Bugosen, who received the Connor Burton Aviation Scholarship that helps pay for flying time, books, and tuition. “Financial assistance helps people stick to what they want to do. This scholarship goes completely to funding my education and gets me closer to my goals and taking my next step.”

By James Dalton Burton

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