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The Collegian Media Group builds upon student success and support

Hallie Everett immortalizes memories for Kansas State University students. As current editor-in-chief of the Royal Purple yearbook, Everett is grateful for the time she gets to spend working for the Collegian Media Group (CMG). “Working for the Collegian Media Group became such a big part of my life,” said Everett. “I hope that students let their own passions develop and explore all the opportunities the CMG has to offer. Being a part of this organization has been the best part of my time at K-State and I hope it can do the same for everyone else that joins.”

Scholarships and philanthropic support help students like Everett achieve their goals. “Philanthropic support provides scholarships to students whose work aims to positively impact the world around them,” said David Levy, director of the Collegian Media Group. “It offers them the financial assistance they need so they may focus on their studies and continue to do great work at the Collegian Media Group without worrying about buying groceries or paying rent for the month. The scholarship also helps students build the skills they need to compete for jobs upon graduation.”

The CMG gives students platforms for their thoughts and opinions to be heard. “The Collegian Media Group is the independent voice of Kansas State University,” said John Walter, assistant director of the Collegian Media Group. “Students have the ability to speak and publish independently without the constraints, agendas or talking points that most university media groups have.”

CMG’s multiple publications keep their audience’s needs at the forefront. “The Collegian Media group publishes the Collegian newspaper, the Royal Purple yearbook, and the Manhappenin’ magazine,” said Levy. “Our main goal is to understand our audience and give them useful and credible information. We want the students of K-State, as well as the Manhattan community, to be able to use the information we give them to make educated decisions in their daily lives.”

K-State benefits greatly from the work of the CMG. “The Collegian Media Group keeps students informed on what is happening on campus and in the greater Manhattan community,” said Levy. Walter added, “Beyond that, the Collegian Media Group acts as a historical record keeper for all landmark events that have happened at K-State over the years. So, when students ask the question, ‘What was K-State like when this was going on?’ it is documented for them to look back on. During the pandemic, for example, our students were able to document what was happening so future generations of students will be able to see in detail what K-State was like during this trying time.”

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By James Dalton Burton

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