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K-State’s rodeo team’s path to student success goes beyond the arena

The K-State rodeo team has been woven into the fabric of the K-State community for more than 75 years. Throughout its time at the university, it has provided students with the opportunity to not only strive in the rodeo arena but the classroom as well.

“Our team is built upon student success,” said Casy Winn, equine instructor and rodeo coach. “We realize as an organization that we cannot simply be judged based upon our success in the arena. The judgement of our staying power as an organization comes from, at least in my opinion, the opportunities we give students to succeed in the classroom.”

The K-State rodeo team offers its members the very best in the equine industry. “We strive on providing our students with the very best to ensure they have the greatest chance at success on the arena dirt,” Winn said. “Whether it be through our great coaching, numerous events or scholarship opportunities, we put the student first.”

The academic and athletic opportunities the rodeo team provides are just one facet of its organizational makeup. Winn also stressed that building character is a key component to its student success. “We teach our students the value of hard work through setting up our events on our own, repairing equipment when needed and holding them accountable in all areas of their college career,” Winn said.

As for the students themselves, many have touted all the great things they have been able to learn and the many opportunities they have been given while being on the rodeo team. “Throughout my time on the rodeo team, I have been able to set and accomplish many goals,” said Jessica Klumpe, vice president of the rodeo team. “The team and our wonderful coaches made me come out of my comfort zone and work on my leadership skills. Thanks to them pushing me, I am now vice president of the team. I could not be more thankful to them all for all they have done for me.”

Senior and team captain Tanner Jackman said, “The group of people I have been blessed to call not only my teammates but also my friends has been the greatest part of my time on the rodeo team,” Jackman said. “We all watch out for each other in and out of the arena, and I hope those that come after me are able to experience the type of comradery and family atmosphere that I have gotten to experience.”

The K-State rodeo team’s scholarships and facilities are funded through the rodeo advisory council, which works with the KSU Foundation to provide philanthropic support.

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By James Dalton Burton

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