Balancing act

K-State Global Campus scholarships make it possible for students to earn a degree while managing family life.

Academic career, family life or both? While the personal aspect of this choice can be daunting, it is often the financial aspect that causes students the most stress. Enter K-State’s Global Campus scholarship, which aims to alleviate the financial burden many online students feel when choosing to complete their education.

More and more K-State students are getting their education completely online. These adult learners are often balancing their studies while managing family commitments, work and engagement within their communities. Without the option for learning at a distance, these students would likely never become K-State Wildcats.

The Global Campus scholarship is life-changing for students. It provides tangible encouragement that academic goals and dreams can be met no matter the circumstances students face. “Receiving the Global Campus Scholarship made me feel like my hard work had been seen,” said Lisa McCarter, Global Campus scholarship recipient. “Navigating higher education while also working full time can be stressful, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about quitting because of that. Receiving this scholarship was an incredible motivator for me to continue.”

For scholarship recipient Curtis Westbrook, the Global Campus scholarship gave him the chance to continue his K-State journey. “I am a Kansas State alum (bachelor’s in music education, ’04) and former drum major of the Pride of Wildcat Land,” Curtis said. “K-State gave me everything I needed as an undergraduate music education major. While I was looking at options for my terminal degree, all roads led back to K-State. The Global Campus scholarship reinforced to me that I made the right decision. It meant that K-State was glad to welcome me back as I complete my education.”

Philanthropy is a vital component of the Global Campus scholarship’s success. “Learners who complete their coursework online are frequently time and place-bound, working on their degree around a schedule and unable to take a full load of classes each semester,” said Karen Pedersen, dean of Global Campus. “These part-time students typically don’t qualify for other scholarships. Support from donors to provide endowed scholarships allows us to offer tailored scholarships for this ever-growing segment of learners. This additional funding makes a huge difference for them.”

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By James Dalton Burton

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