Darrington Clark

Scholarships help student stay in school.

Darrington Clark knows a spot he loves full well — K-State. Yet, he almost didn’t get to return for his senior year. His debt became too much to bear, and he couldn’t take on any more student loans. That’s when the K-State family stepped in to help. Clark received scholarships supported by K-State students and alumni, allowing him to return to finish his degree in journalism and participate in one last season of K-State Theatre.
“My freshman year I took ‘Fundamentals of Acting’ and with the support of K-State faculty, the scales were removed from my eyes,” Clark said, explaining his newfound passion for acting. “I gained confidence through my professors to become involved in theater, and this ultimately allowed me to become more involved in K-State.
“K-State is not only about family, but it is about the commitment to family as we are always striving to create a better, stronger and bigger family,” Clark said. “This 2025 Vision is wonderful, and if anyone can do it, it’s K-State. It’s going to be a beautiful future for K-State. I am so excited to see it and even be a part of it. I, too, feel this commitment, as I have always felt a responsibility to give back to the K-State family in any form. So, not only thank you for supporting me, but thank you for believing in education.”

Darrington Clarke

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