Frats for Cats

Seven fraternities collaborate in 24-hour fundraiser to support free student life initiatives

From April 22 to April 23, seven fraternities joined together to see which chapter could raise the most money for the Parents and Family Program (PFP) through the #FratsForCats fundraiser. In just 24 hours, the fraternities collectively raised $3,200.

Prior to #FratsForCats, the PFP kickstarted the #LoveAWildcat fundraiser. This initiative brought participating sorority chapters together to support free student life initiatives. After recognizing the Greek community’s commitment to helping fellow Wildcats, the #FratsForCats fundraiser was created to support the same cause. Following #LoveAWildcat, sorority members were able to share feedback that helped fraternity participants succeed in gathering support during the fundraiser.

Each fraternity had a representative that kept in contact with Anne DeLuca, director of the PFP, throughout the fundraiser. With Anne, the fraternities created individualized fundraising plans to set a goal for their chapter. The winning chapter, Acacia, raised $1,400. Acacia was honored at the Division of Student Life awards ceremony as the Parents and Family Program Fraternity of the Year.

Anne said one thing that helped #FratsForCats excel was that the fraternities insisted they did not need an incentive to fundraise. Instead, they were invested in the initiative because they wanted to support other students.  

“Their leadership and philanthropy skills are unparalleled, and we are truly lucky to have their support,” said Anne. “It’s important to remember that these are full-time students with activities, clubs, sports, tutoring and part-time jobs. Dedicating 24 hours to volunteer is a significant gift in itself. The Parents and Family Program relies on gifts of time, talent or treasure and in this instance, our student leaders are providing all three.”

From Parents and Family Orientation to Family Day, the PFP offers resources and events that help families make the most of the K-State experience and enhance student life. Funded entirely by donations, the PFP Fund supports student scholarships, Cats’ Cupboard, Career Closet and more. Donations to the PFP also support initiatives such as Fostering Success and Family Day. Both #LoveAWildcat and #FratsForCats were able to further the mission of the PFP.

While 2021 was the inaugural year for #FratsForCats and #LoveAWildcat, both fundraisers successfully exceeded expectations and made a difference in the PFP’s ability to support K-Staters. Going forward, Anne would love to see participation from all the fraternities and sororities and add matching gifts and donation goals to the fundraisers.

“Their [fraternities and sororities] teamwork, alumni networks and leadership on campus is truly remarkable, and I know that I am very lucky to have gotten the opportunity to work with them,” said Anne. “Both #LoveAWildcat and #FratsForCats set the bar very high, and I can only hope to improve our processes, strengthen our collaborations, and continue to find ways to unconditionally support our Wildcats!”

If you are interested in helping jumpstart #LoveAWildcat or #FratsForCats for 2022, please contact Anne DeLuca at To donate to the Parents and Family Program, visit Kansas State University · GiveCampus or contact Heather Strafuss at or 785-775-2146.

Written by: Ariana Brancato

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