Good Word: Words of gratitude

Students share how scholarships made a difference in their lives

“Scholarships mean a lot to a first-generation student like myself. They provide me with the opportunity to complete my education this spring, and donor-created scholarships mean that someone believes in me enough to support what was once just a dream of attending Kansas State. By supporting me and my journey through college, you are helping me break the cycle of generational poverty and provide a better life for myself and my future family. I will forever be thankful for that.” — Sarah McFarlane, senior in elementary education from Newton, Kansas, recipient of the Aarstad Memorial Scholarship for Educators and the Craig Education Scholarship.

“When I first received this scholarship, I didn’t realize how much it was going to impact both me and my family, but as 2020 took its course, it has truly been a blessing. Between all of the craziness that COVID has brought into our lives and also several unexpected medical complications I endured, this year has been full of chaos and uncertainty. I am greatly appreciative to be a recipient of this scholarship not only because it has ensured that I can stay at the school of my dreams, but it will also create opportunities for me in the future.” — Makenzee Weems, sophomore in accounting from Parker, Colorado, recipient of the Herbert H. and Neva J. Blevins Scholarship and the Alumni Association Wabash Colorado Scholarship.

“Financial stability was a huge factor for my mom and me when deciding on a school and realizing how many resources K-State was able to offer me was a huge blessing for my family and myself. Additionally, these resources have enabled me to meet a lot of amazing people that have helped me in my academic journey. This, in turn, has inspired me to work hard so that one day I can be a similar resource or blessing for someone else. I’m really excited to conduct undergraduate research here at K-State and also hopefully study abroad in New Zealand. I’ve already done some microbiology cancer cell research, and I’m hoping to try other types of research such as horticulture or prosthetics research, both of which I know are available here on campus. I’m hoping to do some really great things during my time here at K-State and also make my mom proud, and your generosity has helped me get a head start on these goals. For that, I cannot thank you enough.” — Juan Pineda Gomez, freshman in biomedical engineering from Lenexa, Kansas, recipient of the Gary and Peggy Edwards Bluemont Scholarship and the Mike and Becky Goss Presidential Scholarship.

“As a child my dream has always been to go into aviation. With my two brothers and I being of college age and my dad having health issues, it makes raising enough money to afford college a very pressing issue on my parents. While the three of us work to earn money for tuition, aviation school is still expensive. The help of scholarships eases the burden of tackling my dream of being the first person to complete both the music and pilot programs simultaneously at Kansas State University. This scholarship makes it possible to worry less about funding and more about flying. I cannot begin to thank you enough for your generous donation. I hope to be in a position to do the same for others in the future.” — Tate Allen, freshman in aeronautical technology and member of the K-State Marching Band from Spring Hill, Kansas, recipient of the Vanier Family Scholarship at K-State Polytechnic.

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