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How undergraduate student, Stacia Mendoza, invests in K-State through campus involvement

“The fact that I get to have a whole college experience, and not just go to class and come home, is because of the donors who have supported me,” said Stacia Mendoza, a sophomore studying marketing with minors in political science and economics.

For Stacia, involvement has changed her student experience. Stacia is a Wildcat Warm-up counselor, member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, business ambassador, sales team member and the president of Pi Sigma Epsilon, a sales, marketing and management fraternity. Additionally, Stacia serves on the Student Foundation (STUFO) and as the director of student services and engagement for the Student Government Association. Through these organizations, Stacia has found a community on campus and grown her love for K-State.

“Because I love K-State so much, I want to be involved in organizations that better K-State. They connect you with the best people who have similar goals and interests,” said Stacia. “Being involved has helped me take an active role in my education. I don’t just sit around and let things happen, I get to make things happen.”

Scholarships have played a key role in allowing Stacia to get involved and pursue unique opportunities. Stacia is the recipient of the Vanier Family Business Administration Best of Kansas Presidential Scholarship, the Wabash Cannonball Scholarship, the Douglas E. Hill/Edward Jones College of Business Administration Scholarship and the Bernard Franklin Opportunity Scholarship.

“Everything outside of the classroom has a fee. To be able to study abroad, travel to competitions and be involved in Greek life is because of the donors who have supported me,” said Stacia. “The fact that I can accept a more interesting internship that maybe doesn’t pay as much is because I don’t have to worry about saving that money for next year’s tuition.”  

Because scholarships have had such a large impact on Stacia’s experience, she was inspired to join the Student Foundation. Stacia serves on the Student Opportunity Awards committee, which allocates funds to help support students who have demonstrated extreme financial need or those who need temporary financial assistance in continuing their education.

“STUFO is the best example of the K-State family that, as students, we want to give our time and energy to make sure other students we may never meet are able to stay here,” said Stacia.

Stacia’s love for K-State and passion for involvement can be traced back to her family’s life-long tradition of attending K-State football games. Stacia has always been drawn to the feeling of family and the unbeatable K-State atmosphere. However, it was not until she began her college search that she started to think of K-State from an academic perspective. From her first contact in the admissions process, Stacia knew that the familial atmosphere was what continued to set K-State apart.

“They got to know me; I wasn’t just a number. They were there the whole time to walk with me and help me make that decision,” said Stacia. “I knew if they cared that much about a student who didn’t go here, how much more they would care for me when I was a student here.”

Now as a student on campus, Stacia continues to feel connected to the community she was originally drawn to. Whether it is the professor who met her on a tour continuing to greet her in the halls of the business building or growing friendships with other students in her residence hall during her freshman year, Stacia believes that the people are what make K-State unique.

“People here really pursue you. They go above and beyond even when they don’t have to. They know me, they know my strengths, and they know how to help me utilize them best,” said Stacia. “To the donors that have supported me, thank you for making my education possible. You allow me to dream and to achieve what I was made to do.”

Written by: Ariana Brancato

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