K-State budget

Straight talk: What does state funding support at K-State? What does philanthropy support? What is the relationship between state support and tuition at K-State? 

Costs covered by state appropriations and tuition dollars*

  • Salaries and state-mandated benefits (health insurance, retirement, etc.)
  • Utilities
  • Facilities and grounds maintenance
  • Teaching and work supplies

*This list is not exhaustive.  

Private donations to K-State are used for:

  • Scholarships and student support
  • Some new buildings and renovations
  • Supplementary program funds
  • Supplementary research funds
  • Supplementary faculty funds

How you can advance K-State

As donors, you have the ability to make a difference by reversing these trends. Your gifts provide an important margin of excellence, enabling Kansas State University to continue its land-grant mission and tradition of research, education and outreach. You can continue to boldly advance the K-State family by making a gift and sharing the K-State story in your communities.

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Matt Smagacz

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