Kansas PRIDE

Many Kansas communities struggle to maintain viable populations. Kansas PRIDE, administered through K-State Research and Extension, strives to strengthen these towns by working with community leaders to identify short-term and long-term goals, implement projects and evaluate their successes.

“Kansas PRIDE empowers local residents to improve their communities through applied research so they become viable places where people want to live, work and play,” said Trudy Rice, Community Vitality state leader and Kansas PRIDE director.

Leonardville, home to 450 people in Riley County, Kansas, received the Community of Excellence designation within the Kansas PRIDE program for accomplishing community goals. 

“We’ve put in a walking trail, welcome signs, renovated the park, and we celebrate community members by selecting a citizen-of-the-year at our annual Hullabaloo event,” said Chandra Ruthstrom, Leonardville PRIDE president. “We serve the community.”

Learn more about Kansas PRIDE. You can support the program with an online gift or contact Kim Schirer by email or at 785-775-2090. 

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