Powering student finances through COVID-19

How Powercat Financial is assisting students through COVID-19

Powercat Financial is a vital resource in Kansas State University’s commitment to providing students with guidance on finance management throughout their K-State career. What makes Powercat Financial unique from other financial guidance programs is that it is student-led. “Powercat Financial is a peer-to-peer program that gives students studying financially-orientated majors the opportunity to assist fellow students with financial issues such as budgeting, college financial planning, and student loan management,” said Jodi Kaus, director of Powercat Financial.

COVID-19 has provided students with many new financial challenges and Powercat Financial wants to provide students with as many resources as possible to help them navigate these challenges. “Powercat Financial is committed to helping students throughout this pandemic,” Kaus said. “To help alleviate the pressure of paying for student loans during this time, Powercat Financial has shared information on its website regarding federal loans’ current options to defer interest and payment on loans, as well as providing them with aid options to apply for.”

If students need specific information on how to best manage their individual financial obstacles, Powercat Financial welcomes individual sessions with students, which are now being conducted via Zoom or over the phone. “Powercat Financial understands that financial difficulties cannot be overcome with a one-size-fits-all approach. If a student needs individual help with financial guidance during these unusual times, Powercat Financial will be more than willing to meet with the student individually to ensure their needs are met and their questions are answered,” Kaus said.

Positive student interaction and assistance is the core goal of Powercat Financial. “Powercat Financial is committed to ensuring that all the students’ financial concerns and questions are met. After a student meets with our team of dedicated representatives, we want the student to feel like their time was well spent and that they were able to have a better understanding of the areas of their finances they were unclear about,” Kaus said. “What we find most rewarding is when a student walks away from meeting with one of our representatives feeling less stress in the area of their finances and can return to focusing on their studies.”

For more information on Powercat Financial and the services they provide please visit:  www.k-state.edu/powercatfinancial.

By James Dalton Burton

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