Rebecca Jenkins

A gift of philanthropy enables student to explore new opportunities.

Like many young people, Rebecca Jenkins thought she knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. Then she came to K-State, where so many new and interesting paths were opened to her. Thanks to philanthropic support, Jenkins was able to explore many new opportunities and that journey has put her on a new path.
Jenkins spent a semester studying abroad in Ecuador, where she stepped out of her comfort zone and learned what it means to serve others. A scholarship supported Jenkins through a leadership studies class as she explored her growing interest in social entrepreneurship. This class led to her participation at an international conference — a trip made possible by donor support — where she presented her class project and networked with other social entrepreneurs.
“These experiences have shaped me and have made me realize I want my work to be about more than just earning a paycheck,” Jenkins said. “I want to do meaningful work. Thanks to donor support, I discovered my passion in social entrepreneurship. The donors’ generous gifts have given me so much more than scholarships; it has changed the trajectory of my life. Through them, I have had experiences which have given me the confidence and shown me the power I have to positively impact the world.
“Giving back to K-State is an inspiring and impactful cycle. I am now inspired to impact other students’ lives in the future.”

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