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K-State couple recognized for giving their all

When asked to describe Gib and Brenda Compton, the words you’re most likely to hear are generous, dedicated, humble, caring, committed and Wildcat. The Comptons, of Wichita, Kansas, were recently awarded the K-State Medal of Excellence, which recognizes outstanding KSU Foundation trustees who have advanced the university through exceptional service, leadership and philanthropic contributions. 

“Gib and Brenda are people who really care for their university and for all the people within the university. We’re all in this together and they understand that. My favorite word to describe them is faithful. They’re there all the time and I know we can always count on them.” – Frank Tracz, director of bands

“I didn’t come into K-State with a perfect GPA or a high ACT score, so I didn’t have those scholarships that are sometimes provided early on. I got involved in student organizations and kept my grades up hoping I could get a scholarship someday. The fact that the Comptons were there for me was heartwarming, and the generosity of the scholarship amount blew me away. I can’t thank them enough.” – Nate Sterns, senior in construction science and management

“I think it’s important to underscore the impact Gib and Brenda have had across the entire academy. They model for others what we want out of a caring university community, from faculty to students to our alumni, all working together to further K-State’s reputation and the opportunities and experiences available to students.” – Debbie Mercer, dean of the College of Education

“Gib and Brenda inspire me because of their philanthropic support of K-State, but more importantly because of their “can do” attitude. They are incredible ambassadors for K-State; they care, and they want to make a difference. They see the needs of the university and they react — they make dreams happen.” – Amy Button Renz, president and CEO of the K-State Alumni Association

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