Honoring a true Wildcat

Donna Logback, with help from family and friends, created a scholarship to honor her late husband, Steve Logback.

Steve Logback, a beloved member of the K-State family, passed away unexpectedly on September 28, 2017. Thanks to the generosity of family and friends, and matching funds provided by Mary Vanier, his legacy of supporting and loving everything about Kansas State University will continue with the Steve Logback Wildcat Way Scholarship for students in the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

“This scholarship is really just a way to keep doing the work that Steve was doing,” said Donna Logback, Steve’s wife. “He was such a mentor and teacher. So to be able to continue that so someone can go to his favorite school, study his favorite topic, and then go on to help improve communication in the world; that is wonderful.”

Steve was a fourth-generation Wildcat, and he received his degree in journalism from K-State in 1990. He was a longtime and dedicated member of the Manhattan and K-State communities, having worked at Kansas Farm Bureau, Kansas Press Association, Kansas State Alumni Association and Kansas State University. He was the associate vice president of communications and marketing at K-State when he passed. Steve left behind his wife, Donna, and their two children, Elizabeth and Logan.

Family and friends of Steve took advantage of the K-State Family Scholarship Program, which provides matching funds to create scholarships. With the K-State Family Scholarship Program, new gifts of $30,000 are matched with $30,000 from the seed fund provided by Mary Vanier, for a total of $60,000. $10,000 goes into an expendable fund, making $2,000 scholarships available to be awarded to students immediately. The remaining $50,000 goes into the endowment, ensuring future generations of Wildcats will receive scholarships as well.

“We hope for generations to come, people will be able to attend K-State,” Donna said. “That was his true love. He always liked to say it was me, but I knew it wasn’t; it was K-State. He had purple in his blood, through and through.”

Donna, Elizabeth and Logan are proud to carry on Steve’s love of K-State and create this legacy for him.

“I hope we can get even more contributions to the scholarship so it will always be available to help someone who might not be able to go to college otherwise,” Donna said. “In today’s society, we need better communicators. K-State has such a strong journalism school, and if this scholarship can continue to support journalism students for generations to come, that is a lasting story of what I can do to honor Steve.”

To support the Wildcat Way Scholarship in honor of Steve Logback, you can give online or contact Jeff Haug via email  or at 785-775-2061.

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