Making a Legacy Gift

Tim and Anne de Noble honor those who have impacted their lives by leaving a legacy for the College of Architecture, Planning and Design.

After living in Manhattan and working at Kansas State University for eight years, Tim and Anne de Noble have acquired many connections to the people and the programs in the College of Architecture, Planning and Design. Tim serves as the dean of the college and Anne is highly involved in several community organizations. When the de Nobles decided to give their gift to the development of the Seaton Hall and Regnier Hall Project, they knew it would be vital to represent the importance of giving to the programs and people that have impacted their lives.

“The College of Architecture, Planning & Design is such a significant part of our lives. When I was hired it became very clear we needed to do something about the building, and I think the college, students and faculty deserved a better facility that represented the national reputation they have built,” Tim said. “I also hope that giving this gift is an example for others, of putting your money where your mouth is.”

The de Nobles will have two recognition locations in the new Seaton Hall and Regnier Hall Project. The Dean Tim and Anne de Noble Concourse will allow easy access for visitors to experience what the college has to offer. It will also symbolize the aspirations for the building as a 21st century design learning and research center.

The second space, the Cyrus Augustus Shubert Memorial Lounge, will honor the son of Lisa and Sam Shubert who passed away from cancer in 2015. Lisa is the assistant to the dean and has been an integral part of the planning and delivery of the new building. The de Nobles wanted to name this area after him with the intention the lounge area will bring people together.

“Lisa and her husband, Sam, had a little boy, Cyrus,” Anne said. “He was just adorable and at about age two, he was diagnosed with cancer. After a year-long battle we lost Cyrus. In a funny way he is a part of this building … and will continue to be in this space.”

The de Nobles hope to have a lasting impact on the new building with their gift.

“The much broader impact that comes with a planned gift is you know it’s also about your influence going beyond your time here,” Tim said. “In my practice I was always motivated most by what my projects would mean and how they would be perceived, 50 to 100 years in the future. Will they grow better with the patina of time? In a parallel way this planned gift is about that legacy as well. Hopefully it will also serve as an example for my colleagues at K-State.”

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