Investing in the future of electrical engineering students

Mike and Lynn Wiegers hope to support students earning a higher education by establishing multiple funds. 

Advancements in electrical engineering and increases in college tuition have inspired Mike and Lynn Wiegers to establish funds to support K-State students and encourage their career goals.

“We hope this scholarship will attract students who wish to join the electrical and computer engineering program,” Mike said. “Our gift to the Academic Success Center can provide assistance to those who might otherwise leave engineering without realizing their dream.”
Mike earned his electrical engineering degree from K-State in 1982. Currently, he is employed by Garmin International as vice president for consumer engineering. Lynn is a homemaker with a passion for quilting.
Scholarships helped Mike to complete his education, and he wants to create the same opportunities for future students.  
“As the cost of attending college rises each year, it is extremely beneficial for me to have this scholarship,” said Chase McCormick, junior and Wiegers Family Scholarship recipient. “With help from the Wiegers Family Scholarship, I am currently able to attend K-State debt-free.”
With the establishment of the Wiegers Family Academic Success Center Fund and the Wiegers Family Electrical and Computer Engineering Scholarship, students will be able to attain essential resources to complete their higher education. 
“When one can focus on their education without financial complications, it vastly improves the quality of their university experience.” McCormick said.
Ultimately, Mike and Lynn hope these funds create more opportunities and ensure a greater future for students.
“It is an opportunity for us to leave a legacy and provide help for those K-State engineering students that haven’t yet been born,” Mike said.

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