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Clay Harvey and Patty McGivern donate funds to support the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. 

Clay Harvey, 1974 Kansas State University graduate in biology, and spouse, Patty McGivern, 1977 K-State graduate in microbiology, may have science backgrounds, but they are supporters of the arts.

In addition to involvement with the Beach Museum or Art’s Board of Visitors, Clay and Patty have established an endowment with the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance to fund a series of musical performances.

“We have a desire to assist others with their education,” Patty said. “It’s our responsibility to give.”

The gift will be used to support one to three musical performances a year utilizing stringed instruments at K-State within the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance.

Clay and Patty said they hope students will take advantage of the musical performances while attending K-State.

“Whether the music is well known to the listener or is something that is a completely new exposure, it can be something that is remembered and treasured for the existence of one’s life,” Clay said. “A person only needs to listen.”

Clay said both he and Patty highly value education and believe that giving back to K-State allows them to promote education.

“Everything that I have is because of my education and the individuals that assisted me in acquiring that education. Some of those individuals were unknown and remain so, providing help in a manner unapparent to me at the time. I feel it is my time to do the same.”

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